Gorzycki Middle School

GMS Spirit

It's about taking risks in life,
whether it be
answering a question on a test
or asking a girl to a dance.

It can be about music,
when you find the treble clef,
and you come to know
the highest part of yourself.

Or you might see it in teamwork,
when we, as friends and allies,
work together as a family
to help others in need.

It's about community.
When we acknowledge others
and help them have a voice.
When we treat everyone fairly,
no matter where they come from.

We strike,
We pounce,
We gnash our teeth.
We don't back down.
We strive to overcome challenges,
we have the potential
to achieve anything we want to do.

Happy and joyful.
Cool and unique.
We're proud,
We're Texas,
We're strong.

The future of Texas is US.

For when we join forces, we live on forever.